Capturing the Magic Moments

We are specialized in wedding photography, particularly in Brahmin Wedding photography and other family functions. In photography we are doing wedding photography, candid photography and bridal photography. We are best in candid wedding photography in Chennai.

Its always a blessing to be a part of any wedding. It is once in a lifetime event. Photography brings out memorable images and keeps reminding forever. It is important that persons whoever conduct weddings and other events give importance to photography for its invaluable contribution.

We are offering

Traditional Photography

Every event and the rituals in the weddings are important and capturing those moments are so important.

  • Group Photos
  • Family Photos

Candid Photography

The term “Candid” been there for long but recently the its been more popular, in particular among young generations. No one likes to pose for camera, instead prefer to get snapped lively and naturally.

The term “CANDID” means taking pictures of persons who are not posing , rather clicked when involved with some discussion with other person

Bridal Photography

Recently the interest for pre wedding and post wedding photography is on the rise. In particular the young girls have passion for photography and hence the demand for Bridal Photography has been increasing gradually.

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