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Importance of Wedding photography – Traditional and Candid photography

Importance of Wedding photography – Traditional and Candid photography

Wedding is an once in a life time occasion in every family where photography plays a pivotal role. It brings you everlasting memories. It is such an important thing for any event. Hence its mandatory to know few things for better outcome of a Wedding Event.

  • To give due respect to photography and the professionals is of great importance as everything happening in the wedding event will be reminded by images both still and movie, so the output depends on how you treat.
  • All family members have to discuss with the professionals and give the inputs and clarify all the doubts like time, how many cameras to be used, color of the backdrop in contrast etc to the dresses of the bride and groom for better images. It is also important that a true photo professional shares everything as given above for better output, so its important to select experienced professionals.
  • It is advisable for every person who conducts the wedding to understand that its not easy to capture all the moments with single Camera whether it be Still Camera or Movie Camera. After all, the professionals are human, so you cant expect everything to be captured by one person, Hence it is recommended to have additional cameras for covering both events, audience and all possible aspects of the wedding.

However, recently “CANDID” photography is on the rise as the young couple who are getting married are exposed to this term and moreover they want everything to be captured candidly rather than posing for camera. So its important to have 1 camera for a small event which does not require additional one, however in the present scenario the use of 2 cameras are of immense need for scope for variety shots.

Particularly for bigger event like Wedding and Wedding reception having 2 cameras or 3 cameras are inevitable expected result. Having photo camera exclusively for covering the couple is recommended as all their moves, whether it be dressing, make up hair do, all moments can be captured
candidly which when finished as album would give tremendous feel.

Pre wedding and post wedding photography also getting popular nowadays.

It is advisable to have separate album for CANDID Images mainly the couple and other sweet moments apart from regular album which can be shared with friends. Some of points to be remember suggest by candid wedding photographer in Chennai,

Highlighting points to remember in wedding photography are:

1. Discussing the backdrop color with photographers and decorators in matching with the couple dresses for better image output.

2. To give importance for family photos and couple photos and time allocation for photography for satisfactory results.

3. 2 photographers and 2 videographers mandatory for any Wedding and wedding reception to cover more and lively better picture. 3rd photographer is recommended exclusively for taking Candid photos.

4. At most co-operation by couple and family members would be of great help for the photo professionals for satisfactory output.

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