February 20, 2019 3:35 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

What way you are different from others?

Treating every customer as a family member and willing to give best output with personal care.  

What are all the events you offer photography service?

All family functions such as Wedding, Engagements, Upanayanam, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and more are covered.

How do u charge ?

We have a basic or mandatory packaged and options from which you can choose from depending on your requirements and budged.

Do you give any compliments?

Customer is our asset so try to give some compliments within the permissible limit. but there is not fixed compliments as such. 

Is there any limit for photographs to be taken?

 There is no limit for taking photographs as it is Digital, however it depends on no of people gathered in function, but there is no

Would you any discount or competitive rate to avoid competition?

Photography is a wonderful profession which brings out best memories that can be cherished for years so not worried about competition, rather the quality and  some compromise in rate. However if we compare the rates and the effort in other countries India can be seen as cost effective with quality. 

What is your specialization?

We are specialized in Brahmin Weddings. 

Do you undertake out station orders?

 It depends on place and the cost feasible to the customers. 

Is there any additional charge for outstation orders?

Yes. additional shooting cost, transportation, accommodation and food,  extra to be born by customers. 

What is the turn around time for delivery?

Photography : The album will be delivered within 1 month from day selected given for designing/printing and album making.


  • Normal Video : same time as album.
  • High Definition Video: once editing done, normal edited video DVD will be shared before writing to Blu ray Disc
Can we see the soft copy of the Album Design before proceeding for printing?

yes, you will be shared the soft copy of designed album  before proceeding for printing and album making.