February 20, 2019 3:35 AM

Brahmin Wedding Photography

Brahmin Wedding Photography: Indian style of Wedding is always fascinating, colorful and a joy to watch. In each community the Wedding ceremonies being conducted with so much zest.

The south Indian brahmin weddings have more rituals than any other community in Hindu religion. The 2 days ceremony mainly consist of 4 parts such Vratham, Nichayathaartham, Wedding(muhurtham) and Reception and Nalangu optional. Even though it was tedious 2 days for the wedding couple, still they manage well and the moments are well captured in Camera to admire every moments in the years to come.

It is so important to capture every moment of wedding we are capturing wedding as well as candid wedding photography. It is always commendable people who understand how important the rituals and capturing images of the rituals in camera.

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The South Indian Iyer weddings, there are many rituals as mentioned below.

  • Vang Nischayam
  • Yatra danam at the Grooms house
  • Janu Vasam
  • Sprinkling of Paligai
  • oonjal and Pachai podi
  • Dharai Varthal or Kanya danam
  • Looking at the bride
  • Wearing of toe ring by the bride
  • Agni muhurtham
  • Parinayam and Pradhana homam
  • Asmarohanam, Laja Homam and Agni Pradakshinam
  • Removal of Dhurba tied around the bride
  • Sumangali Prarthana
  • Receiving of the Grooms party
  • Nischaathartham
  • Para desi kolam and Kasi Yatrai
  • Vara Poojai
  • Agni prathishtapanam
  • Vivaha sankalpam, Kanya samskaram and Mangala snanam
  • Prayer while tying the string made of Dhurbha
  • Panigrihanam
  • Jayadhi homam
  • Aseervadham and Phala Dhan
  • Pongi Podal at the aunt’s house
  • vara Praekshanam
  • Vratham for the groom and
    Kappu Kettal (Raksha) for the bride
  • Malai mattal or Exchange of garlands
  • Telling of Pravaram
  • Madu Parkam and Vara pooja
  • Mangalya dharanam
  • Groom leading the bride in front of the fire
  • Saptha padhi

As mentioned different events above it is so so important to have 2 still cameras for Vratham as 1 will be for the groom side and the other 1 for the bride side as it is necessary to capture every candid and wedding moment.

For the engagement(nichayathaartham) single still camera is enough, however if additional camera hired can give variety of shots like candid wedding moment as its always nice to see images in two different angles.

In wedding it is advisable to have 2 Still cameras, but nowadays Candid photography is getting very popular, hence 3 cameras can give range of shots, close up, candid shots, cover all subjects including, bride and groom dressing, kasi yatrai, toe ring ceremony, oonjal, maalai maattal, thaali udicchu, ammi midhitthal,dining, audience, music, and all candid wedding moments.

Wedding reception can be of couple dressing, dining, audience, music etc.. Hence 2 cameras mandatory, however 3 cameras can give range of images to select for the wedding album.

It is important for the couple, all the members of bride to discuss everything in advance about photography with the photography professionals before the wedding event well in advance for better output which will give self satisfaction to both the client and the professionals.

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