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Brahmin Wedding and Digital Photography

Can anyone say no to fantastic wedding photographs? The role of photography is indispensable in all events, be the family, corporate, entertainment, educational or devotional events. Weddings are especially thrilling and ecstatic, with people practically competing to take pictures of their own. Such precious moments would be a real treat to watch later.

The event begins with the Welcoming of the Groom, their parents and Relatives in to the KalyanaMandapam (wedding hall).Sandhanam (sandalwood), kungumam (vermillion), panneer (rose water), sugar candy, garlands and aarthi all mix to create an auspicious ambience. The mood is enhanced by the sounds of the MangalaVaathiyangal(nadhaswaram and thavil). Imagine all of this immortalised, with our pristine Photography and Videography.

The marriage ceremony

Vratham- with the groom and bride seated, the father of the bride and groom tie a kappu around their children’s wrists as protection from evil spirits. This signifies the groom’s transition from bramhacharyan to grihastan.

Palikai- the seed sowing ceremony, where nine varieties of grain are sprinkled for the well being of the couple’s new life together. It invokes the blessing of the guardian angles of the eight cardinal directions (AshtadikhPaalaks). This ritual ends with an aarthi.
We ensure proper lighting for these rituals with our studio lights. Generally, two cameras capture the experience to ensure simultaneous events are recorded.

Janavasam(mapillaiazhaippu) – The Bridegroom arrives for the wedding along with his family and friends in a procession. They are received by the bride’s family and friends
The bride and grooms family except the bride assemble at a nearby temple where the groom is offered new dress befitting the occasion and then he is taken in a procession in an open car to the mandapam. However, nowadays this function is becoming extinct, only few orthodox people do.

Kasi Yathrai, the journey to kaasi- The groom, adorned with new chappals, an umbrella and a walking stick,symbolically makes a journey on his yatra to kasi for higher learning. The father of the girl intercepts him, offering his girl in marriage and thus bringing the groom to GrahasthaAsramam.

MaalaiSaathal, the exchange of garlands- The boy and the girl exchange garlands, usually as their respective uncleshoist them high. This adds festivity to the occasion.
Oonjal, the swing- The wedding couple sit on a swing,swaying to the melodies of singers and the Nadhaswaram artistes. The movements of the oonjal (swing) signifies the ebb and flow of life itself.
KanyaDhanam- Sacred grass, tied around a wooden yoke with the mangalyam, is placed on the head of the girl. The subsequent sprinkling of holy water likens the married couple to two cattle yoked together, for their harmonious journey of marital life.

KankanaDharanam, the sacred thread- The bride ties a sacred thread,with a piece of turmeric attached, around the wrist of the bridegroom, thus bindingeach other by a religious vow. Similarly, the bridegroom ties a kankanam to the bride’s wrist.

MangalayaDharanam, the auspicious symbol of marriage- The culmination of the wedding, this is considered on of the most precious moment in one’s life. The bride sits on her father’s lap as the groom ties the mangalya sutra around the bride’s neck, with prayers for their well being and life together fora hundred years.

PaaniGrahanam, union of hands and souls- The bride groom holds the bride’s right hand and recites the marriage vows as four mantras. He prays to Agni the God of fire, to Saraswathi the Goddess of Knowledge and to Vayu, the Lord of wind for their congruence of mind and a fulfilling life together.

SapthaPadhi, the seven steps- Holding the right toe of the bride in his right hand, the groom walks her seven steps. At each step he seeks a blessing for the bride. The marriage ceremony is completed with the mantra, “You have become my companion, whereby I have acquired your friendship. We shall remain together inseparable. Let us make a vow together, we shall share our food and our strengths. We shall be of one mind. We shall observe the vows together”.

PradhanaHomam- A crucial part of the wedding is to pay homage to Agni, the God of Fire. The couple walk around the fire, feeding it with the twigs of the nine holy trees as sacrificial fuel. The fumes that arise possess medicinal, curative and cleansing effects on the couple. Agni, the mightiest power in the cosmos, the sacred purifier, and the all-round benefactor is deemed as a witness to the sacred marriage (Agni Saakshi).
Treading on the Grindstone- Holding the bride’s left toe, the bridegroom helps her to tread on a grindstone. The mantras are chanted as follows, “Mount on this stone, and let thy mind be firm as rock, unperturbed by the trials and tribulations of life.”

Arundhathi and Dhruva Natchathiram- Next the groom shows the bride the star Arundhati (from the Saptha Rishi or Great Bear constellation) and Dhruva (the pole star). Arundhati is the wife of Vashishta Maharishi and exemplified as the ideal wife – the embodiment of charity. Dhruva is the one who attained immortality through single-minded devotion and perseverance. Such virtues are to be emulated throughout marital life.

LaajaHomam- This comprises the bride’s own offering into the sacrificial fire. She is aassisted by her brother as an expression of sibling support to her marriage. He gives her a handful of puffed rice grains, which she hands to the bridegroom, who feeds it to the fire on her behalf. Through this food offering, the bride seeks a long life for her husband and for propagation of her family. Participation of the bride’s brother indicates the continuance of links between the two families even after marriage. The couple circles the fire three times. The feeding of puffed rice to the fire is also repeated thrice.

Showering of Akshadhai- Rice grains,coloured with turmeric and saffron, are showered on the couple by elders and invitees as benediction (Aasirvadam).

GrihaPravesam- Taking with her fire from the LaajaHomam, the bride takes leave of her home and enters the new home of her in-laws. The vedic hymns recited at this time sound like the mother’s advice to her daughter: “Be the queen of your husband’s home. May your husband glorify your virtues! Conduct yourself in such a way that you win the love of your mother and sisters-in-law.”

Nalungu- The ladies sing songs poking fun at the bride, the bridegroom and the in- laws. These events bring out the inherent qualities of the bride and the groom -sporting spirit, kindness, strength and co-operative outlook.

KattuSadhaKoodai- The farewell of the married couple and their families, on the 3rd day, afterPallikaikaraithal, with kattusadam.

Rituals, Mantras and traditions proceduresare vital for the well being of the wedding couple.Equally important is foresight and suitable preparation for the wedding arrangement. This ensures that last minute tension can be avoided so that all may enjoy the once in a lifetime occasion at leisure.

Planning includes arranging for the Priest to perform the wedding ceremony, flower decorators, photo professionals, videographers, the music orchestra andcaterers. Early organization of these professionals will provide you with the option to choose the best based on yourpersonal requirements, budget and liking.Wedding is a mixture of fun, emotions and sentiments. While everybody bears witness to this festival, the magic can be explored and enjoyed later through photos and videos.

While guests often take many pictures with their mobile phones and tablets for their personal viewing pleasure, professional candid videos and photography can recreate the wedding itself for all to enjoy throughout the years.The variety of sumptuous food will satisfy the invitees’ long after the wedding,as our professional Photography and Videographyencapsulates the wholesome experience.

As photo and video professionals, paanigrahaa will deliver all that you expect, be it candid or traditional portfolios. Feel free to provide feedback on our repertoire so that we can continue to provide quality services. Also, do refer us to your friends, relations and colleagues.Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. You are welcome to contact me at anytime.Ready to serve you with transparency and honesty. We are the best Wedding Photographers in Chennai.

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