April 25, 2019 6:08 PM
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Namaskaarams! Welcome to Paanigrahaa - Chennai. We are Offering service Exclusively to Brahmin Community both Domestic and Overseas -- Photography & Videography, Album Design/Making, South Indian Vegetarian Food and Batchanams at all times....

Are You Looking For Wedding Photographers in Chennai to Cover Your Most Precious Moments?

Welcome to Paanigrahaa – Professionals in Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography and Wedding Album Designing.

Interest in photography has increased over the years, particularly among the younger generation, and the popularity of professional wedding photography is on the rise.

We capture the merriment of weddings; friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, loved ones and most importantly the bride and groom. Selfies, groupies; it all happens. Buffet, decorations, mehendi, music, DJ, bangles, entertainment; it all get showcased as a feast for the family and friends to cherish. In Chennai, the demand for quality wedding photographers is an absolute priority.

Paanigrahaa can offer you the best of services for your satisfaction, unparalleled by other photo professionals.

Every customer becomes part of our family. You can trust us and handover all the responsibility. Our technicians do the job sincerely and professionally.

Specialized Wedding Videographers in Chennai for the Wedding Event of Your Family

Videography is as much important as photography in weddings.

Chennai is a city famous for its traditional South Indian weddings.

There is so much of cultural and traditional formalities in South Indian Weddings, hence the service of quality Wedding Videographers is in high demand.

Paanigrahaa is at your service in providing quality video coverage of your wedding and other family events. We strive to capture not only the traditional rituals, but also give prominence to the couple, their parents, relatives and friends, with candid videos which you can enjoy for many years after the wedding.

Birthday Photographers in Chennai for Your Kids and Elders

Unlike Wedding Photography, Birthdays have no seasons and are celebrated on all days. Everybody wants to celebrate their Birthdays with in a joyful fashion. 1st Birthdays of children are commonly celebrated by all throughout the world. Wouldn’t you want all the fun moments of celebrations captured on camera? The need for professional and energetic Birthday Photographers and Videographers is essential.

People in Chennai are on the look out for the services of good Birthday photographers and videographers to capture precious moments. At Paanigrahaa, we always get excited to candidly shoot for birthdays parties as it is not a traditional event, but an informal fun filled event.

Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Since the beginning of the word Candid, Candid is known as Candid and with regards to photography it means “taking a photograph of a person without their knowledge”. However the term has become so popular recently people ask for Candid Photographers. In Chennai, the demand for good Wedding Candid photographers in the rise. The Brides and the Grooms and their Families are very specific about the shots to be taken naturally rather than posing for camera. Paanigrahaa welcome that thought and at the same, are happy to take input from you.

Do You Want Your Photos To Be Designed And Printed As An Album?

From Young Children to Old people, irrespective of all class, creed, religion, status and country, people are so passionate about taking photos. Selfies and Groupies are the trend everywhere. However, most people keep their pictures as a soft copy. In our experience, we have seen people who have taken photos and are looking for good wedding album designers in Chennai. Paanigrahaa offers album designing and make thin, tear-proof albums.